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Landlord, Tenant, Broker.

Earl Bateman is a licensed commercial real estate broker providing Real Estate Representation for the Arts, bringing Tenants and Landlords together.

The most effective tools for Tenants are solid and current information, good faith, and a real estate representative dedicated to aggressively promoting the Tenant’s best interests in the transaction. Find a real estate professional who works for you, not just with you.





“Having to deal with Earl has been one of the most complete experiences in finding real estate I have ever had. He is knowledgeable, dedicated and professional. We have worked together close to a year before finding exactly what we were looking for and he found it.

He is aware of the going prices and his advice is gold for anyone who is thinking of investing in a commercial space, especially Gallery Retail spaces.

He knows inside out Chelsea, Upper East, Bowery and anywhere there is a development or trend for Art Galleries growing in NYC. I will definitely use his services again when it comes the time to move or add a new space. Thank you Earl.”

~ Alex Cesaria, Unix Gallery

“Earl Bateman is responsible for placing me in my gallery and is a great guy. If you are looking for someone to help locate a gallery, anywhere in the city, Earl is your man.”

~ Joshua Liner, Joshua Liner Gallery



“I worked with Earl on finding a new space on the LES after I moved the gallery out of Chelsea. It was a pleasure working with him from start to finish. Earl is such an unbelievably thorough and meticulous agent that you know that he has left no stone unturned in his quest to find you a new space. It was wonderful to feel so well taken care of.

~ Sasha Wolf, Sasha Wolf Gallery



“Thank you for assisting with integrity Kristen and Kat with this project. They are truly looking forward to opening up their gallery.

~ Pierre BrooksLandlord



“You’d be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgable broker for the New York gallery world or a better advocate in negotiating the deep waters of the New York commercial real estate market. Earl Bateman is a complete pro.”

~ Patrick Dawson, Birnam-Wood Gallery



“Working with Earl Bateman to find an art gallery space in Chelsea was the best real estate experience I have had in NYC and I have had many. Not only is Earl the nicest real estate broker I ever met he has also been a part of the NYC art world for a long time and his knowledge is a huge advantage.

He keeps up with all of its events and news.So looking for a space becomes part of a much larger picture which is extremely helpful when making a choice.  And despite the fact that Earl knows every single building in all of Manhattan that is appropriate for art in any way he was great at narrowing our viewing to the parameters we set. We got a great space and made a good friend.”

~ Kristen Accola, Accola-Grieffen Gallery



“Thank you so much for all of your guidance, advice, kindness and support through the difficult process of finding a space for my young gallery. You were truly the most supportive person throughout this process other than my husband. I will recommend you to the world.”

~ Elizabeth Denny, Denny Gallery



“Mr. Bateman has an amazing and extensive knowledge of the gallery history of New York City and the surrounding Burroughs. He also follows current market trends and geographical and demographic shifts. Mr. Bateman is also extremely informed about exhibition programming and the appropriateness to various city locations. He truly cares about art.

I have found Earl Bateman to be kind, considerate and incredibly supportive. I believe anyone fortunate enough to work with him professionally will find him of the highest integrity and a tremendous client advocate.”

~ Mindy Solomon, Mindy Solomon Gallery



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