The questionable clothing boutique cum quasi gallery that used to be at the NE corner of Orchard and Broome has been supplanted by Shin Gallery, run by Hong Gyu Shin and featuring contemporary Korean and Asian artists. The inaugural show is the sublime work of Hong Seung-Pyo, work best described not as what but as how. Work in his case is clearly a verb.

Another new gallery on the Orchard-South-Of-Delancey strip makes it feel more and more like West Broadway did in the 70s and 80s, with almost 30 galleries within four blocks. Sadly, its no surprise that the boutique went belly-up in December. I’m hearing that business has been dismal for clothing boutiques all over the LES, ever since the lights went out after Sandy. Sales haven’t picked up, the cold weather hasn’t helped, and rent checks aren’t being written.


Three friends, Sasha Wolf Gallery at 70 Orchard, Michael Foley at 93 Allen (both from West Chelsea) and Denny Gallery at 295 Broome, are new in the last few months.

I heard from Sammy, unofficial mayor of South Orchard Street, that the money is coming to the LES, but their sights aren’t set on clothes much anymore. Food, Wine and Art are the draws these days. Spaces should be coming on line if this holds true.


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